Carlotta Solari; TOTTI


Carlotta Solari, also known as Totti, is an Italo-Belgian artist and filmmaker concerned with the fate of family images and objects. Her artistic research wants to highlight the importance of archives, both official and unofficial. Today she is particularly worried about the future of private digital archives.

Carlotta has a joint Master degree in documentary film directing (Doc Nomads) and a Bachelor degree in interaction design arts (IDA) from London College of Communication, UAL.


Amorfatalp/ digital

A digitial archive in the making. A place where different projects that approach the image (sound) from a practical, pedagogical and critical perspective, take place.

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2021 - Ongoing

with Hernán Barón Camacho
and Daniela Silva Solórzano

︎︎︎︎ digital archive

2 is a crowd

A series of film cycles to playfully rethink and experiment with the cine club format.

Born during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns, it is a direct response to a need to dream up new spaces for encounter, discussion and provocation.

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2020 - Ongoing

with Hernán Barón Camacho

︎︎ cine club

Ne Filme Pas, Maman!

“Carlotta, the youngest of her family, dives into a decade of her family’s home movies in search of solace and answers.”


︎ Short documentary

tentative d’épuisement d’un

“Carlotta attempts to make sense out of a collection of 1.063 egg cups inherited from her late grandfather. As she undertakes a meticulous quasi scientific study of the object, the quest veers towards the absurd. Through this never-ending exercise, the film is ultimately a genuine reflection on the fate of what we leave behind when we pass away.”

︎ Short documentary

International premiere: FIPADOC 2021

To Make a Film about Oneself:
a supposedly cathartic exercise

“After finding herself stuck in her bed, a 24-year-old filmmaking student, mulls over the possible reasons behind her recent broken leg. Was it an innocent accident, a case of unavoidable fate, or an act of self sabotage?”


︎ Short documentary

Hallo Museum?

A 3 day cultural and technological marathon to brainstorm and prototype ideas to create the museums of the future.

“How can we make the Museum of the City of Brussels accessible to people with reduced mobility?”



︎︎With Museomix Belgium 
Role: Maker/builder

Degrees of Separation

A workshop aimed at encouraging designers to interact with theory the way they would with practice. Rejecting the notion of theory as something entirely serious and rigid and treating it in a serendipitous way just how one would, for example, test materials for a sculpture. The workshop invited participants to mix and match theoretical concepts in order to deconstruct and reconstruct them in a playful attempt to create new sources of knowledge and ideas.

︎ Workshop presented with Michel Erler at the conference: "The Theory and Practice of 'Theory and Practice' in Art and Design HE" at Chelsea College of Art (UAL) - London, UK

Towards a Rhizomatic Library

A playful investigation into the world of libraries as spaces: their characteristics, their users, how they are perceived etc. The project was developed through a series of experiments, interventions and workshops thought  to conceptually de- and re- constructing the library at London College of Communication (UAL), UK.

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with Michel Erler


Why do I have to pose in front of famous landmarks?
“Tourists often hunt for their notion of the authentic that is fueled by their preconceived ideas and expectations of a certain place. By capturing photographs tourists are able to own their own version of the original place, re live the tourist gaze long after the trip and create physical props for memory evocation. Photographs have become the main medium through which families represent themselves in the close familial circle but also to the larger public. The family gaze plays a very important role in the composition of holiday snaps. Photographs are choreographed and framed in ways that allow them to be easily identifiable. This prompts questions of motivation and of authenticity...”


︎︎BA (Hons) Interaction Design Arts final year thesis.

On Collecting

“Through an eclectic collection of collectors, from a modern art collector to a collector of metal nuts, the film guides us through some of the reasons and drives behind the act of collecting while giving us some insights into the possible relationships that people develop with the objects in their collections.”


︎ Short documentary


Through the documentation of tears and the deterioration of clothing, a reflection on notions of loss and of longing for what is gone.

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︎ Photography book

The Lover

A successful film adaptation. A discontented author. A forced juxtaposition. An attempt at understanding where things possibly went awry.

︎︎ 3-channel video installation

Le Procès de Kafka


︎︎ Object